Work Opportunities

We employ LGBTQ+ youth in all our initiatives to provide financial opportunities and a chance to build character & responsibility in our youth.

Experiential Courses

Every year we plan a schedule of courses that teach hands on skills that will improve the quality of life of our LGBTQ+ youth

Youth Events

Throughout the year we hold several youth oriented events that involve not only JFOY but other partnering organizations


We have partnered with several organizations across florida and the US to create more opportunities to help our youth

Welcome to JFOY

We are excited you are considering to join us!

Please feel free to look around our website to find out who we are, what we do and why we do it. You are the reason why we exist and we would love to hear more about you. Please contact us directly at the link below to start your journey with JFOY.

Our Programs

Through our programs we aim to enrich, empower and educate our LGBTQ+ youth and to challenge them beyond their normal comfort level to discover their abilities and true authentic selves, regardless of their financial situation, by creating partnerships, programs and experiences with local, national and global organizations.

Flyer Program

"FLYER" stands for Fort Lauderdale Youth Empowerment Retreat. This is our yearly youth retreat, where the youth come together to participate in experiential learning courses and team building activities. There are several themes that we choose to present during this three day event and organizations that participate as sponsors and/or presenters. If you are interested in participating in the FLYER program, please email us or call us.

Work Program

Julian’s Fountain of Youth provides customer service positions available along with employment mentorships to our youth. This includes a variety of positions at the Wilton Collective. This program allows youth participants to gain valuable work experience while being in a safe and accepting environment.

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Our Events

Our youth events include both local and national events. Locally JFOY hosts Bowling, Pizza and Movie Nights as well as Art Classes. These events promote acceptance and inclusivity to our LGBTQ+ youth residing in the Broward County area. Other events include “One Magical Weekend” in Orlando, Camping Trips around the country as well as our annual all-inclusive Prom.

Our Partnerships

JFOY works with a variety of other organizations to make us stronger. Some of these organizations include...

Pride Lines



Camp Lightbulb

Camp Lightbulb


Sun Serve



Our Sponsors

Without the help of amazing organizations such as these our work would not be possible.
Please scroll through our donor list and consider visiting their websites.